Customers must drive over the weigh scales first before dropping off waste.

Public Drop Off Bins

The scale operator directs customers to a bin or drop off location. The site accepts most residential and commercial wastes.

Household wastes such as recyclables (blue bags), paper, cardboard, compost and garbage are delivered to one area. Read the Recycling Guide.

Construction and demolition wastes are delivered to a different area. Tipping fees are charged according to waste type. Debit and cash payments are accepted. 

Staff assist customers, answer questions and provide waste sorting brochures. Call (902) 543-2991 with questions or to set up a commercial account. 


End-of­ Life Fishing Gear

The Community Recycling Centre has partnered with the Fishing Gear Coalition of Atlantic Canada (FGCAC). The FGCAC’s End-of-Life Fishing Gear Management project diverts fishing gear from landfill and develops recycling markets.

From April 1, 2023 - February 29, 2024, the Community Recycling Centre will accept the following free of charge:

  • Fishing rope (no buoys)
  • Netting
  • PVC-coated mesh and wire lobster traps (traps do not have to be dismantled)

 To read more about the pilot project, visit  


Electronics Recycling 

Residents and businesses can drop off electronics free of charge during regular hours of operation.  Items such as TVs, stereos, microwaves and computers are accepted as part of the provincial recycling stewardship program.


Fridge & Freezer Recycling

Drop off fridges, freezers, water coolers and dehumidifiers free of charge. The Recycling Centre will drain the gases from these applainces free of charge then recycle them. Find out more about the Efficiency NS Appliance Retirement Program for fridges and freezers. These items cannot be collected at the curb unless drained and displaying a refrigerant-free sticker. 


Glycol & Oil Recycling Program

Drop these items off for free, at the Community Recycling Centre: used oil, glycol (antifreeze), oil filters, oil, glycol and diesel exhaust fluid containers of 50 litres or less (including containers for automotive parts cleaners and aerosol lubricants). These items were banned from landfill in 2020. 

Questions, call 1-833-222-8662 or visit the Atlantic Used Oil Management Association (UOMA) website: Garages: get on-site collection, call 1-833-222-8662 or visit the UOMA website.

Antifreeze and oil jugs will still be accepted in the blue bag, with caps on).