Minimum tipping fees are applied to billable wastes weighing 1 - 60 kilograms (140 lbs). Incremental costs are applied for every 10 kgs of waste in excess of 60 kgs. Please stop at the weigh scale house when you arrive at the site.

Cash and Debit are accepted. To set up a customer account, call (902) 543-2991.

Tipping fees below became effective May 1, 2018. 



Inside Fee*

Outside Fee**

Commercial & Residential Blue Bag Recyclables,

Cardboard, Paper 


Residential Household Hazardous Waste (HHW)





$275.00/tonne      Min. $16.50




Commercial & Residential Landfill Waste

$150.00/tonne        Min. Tipping Fee $9.00

$175.00/tonne       Min. Tipping Fee $10.50

Commercial & Residential Organic Waste

Commercial $90.00/tonne         Min. Tipping Fee $5.40

Residential $90.00/tonne          Min. Tipping Fee $5.40

Commercial $130.00/tonne    Min. Tipping Fee $7.80

Residential $90.00/tonne       Min. Tipping Fee $5.40

Mixed Construction and Demolition Waste
(asphalt shingles, wood, aggregate & metal)

Blue Bags, paper, cardboard and organics cannot

be accepted with C&D waste loads.

$115.00/tonne        Min. Tipping Fee $6.90


$150.00/tonne      Min. Tipping Fee $9.00


Includes painted and clean wood

 $60.00/tonne         Min. Tipping Fee $3.60

 $105.00/tonne      Min. Tipping Fee $8.10

Asphalt Shingles



 $75.00/tonne         Min. Tipping Fee $4.50


 $95.00/tonne         Min. Tipping Fee $5.70

 $125.00/tonne     Min. Tipping Fee $7.50


 $125.00/tonne      Min. Tipping Fee $7.50

Scrap Metal

Includes scrap pieces and appliances

Freon removed free of charge from fridges, freezers,

dehumidifiers and water coolers. 


Electronic Products Recycling Association (EPRA) Electronics

Accepted Electronics











Septage Waste Generated Inside Agreement Area

(Licensed Haulers Only)





Compost is loaded on your truck or trailer for you. Can be used

as a soil amendment for vegetable and flowers gardens 

or for top dressing your lawn.



Half cubic yard (half ton truck load)  

1 - 25 cubic yards                           

26 - 100 cubic yards                        

100+ yards                           

Tote bags of compost are sold for $5.00 each; bring them

back for a $3.00 refill. Filled bags weigh approximately 40

lbs each and fit in a car trunk.

Customers from All Areas: 

$ 9.00




* Inside Fees apply to all commerical and residential wastes from inside the Municipality of the District of Lunenburg and the Towns of Bridgewater and Mahone Bay. 

** Outside Fees apply to all commerical and residential wastes from outside the Municipality of the District of Lunenburg and the Towns of Bridgewater and Mahone Bay (ie. Region of Queens, Municipality of Chester, Town of Lunenburg).


SECURING YOUR WASTE ON YOUR VEHICLE: Failure to secure your load can cause traffic accidents and roadside litter.Here are some tips to: 

  • Ensure wastes and containers cannot move or shift during transport or sudden stops. Push and pull restrained wastes to test for movement before transport. 
  • When tarps and netting are used, ensure loose items such as wood pieces and plastic cannot escape around the sides or through gaps in trailer walls.
  • Wrap loads of asphalt shingles and drywall with a tarp on top, underneath and surrounding the sides. This contains nails and screws within the load, preventing them from falling off during transport.
  • Netting and tie downs are useful for restraining branches.
  • Monitor your load while driving.