The South Shore Regional School Board has a Waste Management Policy (#440). This policy was created to establish a structure to practice reduce, reuse and recycling. The Waste Management Policy also outlines the roles and responsibilities of principals, teachers, students and custodial staff.

Setting up recycling, paper and composting programs in school can be challenging and complex but for it to be successful, everyone from the principal to teachers, students and custodial staff must be on board! Public Outreach is happy to help your school develop a successful recycling, paper and composting program - just give us a call at (902) 543-2913.



The 'Green Team' program can be established as an effective recycling program for schools. We suggest setting up a 'Green Team' with representatives from all school stakeholders, including principal, teachers, students and custodians. Public Outreach is happy to help your school develop a sucessful recycling, paper and composting program. Contact us at (902) 543-2913.

The Public Outreach team meets with the school principal or designate to dicuss details involved in establishing a recycling program. Our team will review the bins and signage currently in place and will make recommendations on what else might be needed to make it more successful. A letter is sent to the Green Team leader outlining the recommendations and confirming a date for a follow up meeting. The Green Team leader should make arrangements to have the recommendations in place as soon as possible, before the follow up meeting.

The Public Outreach team will conduct a sorting exercise for the whole Green Team so that they can relay the information to other students. It is particularly useful for students to see samples of materials as they move through the recycling process.

Next Public Outreach will follow up to ensure the Green Team is operational and sustainable. We inspect all necessary bins and signage to ensure they are in place and that the waste is being separated properly. We also inspect the collection containers outside of the school to ensure the waste is ending up in the correct dumpster at the end of each day. 

Yearly updates are an important part to ensuring a successful waste separation program. Public Outreach offers interactive classroom presentations or a quick assembly presentation which allows us to send out message in as little time as possible. Presentations can also be tailored to match classroom work and curriculum outcomes. 

New Germany Elementary Green Team is a great example of how Green Teams work. 






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