If you have trouble with animals tearing your garbage open before it can be collected, why not consider storing waste in a collection box or container?


Municipality of the District of Lunenburg

Residents may use a permanent or reusable storage container for waste collection storage. According to the Solid Waste Collection and Disposal By-law, containers or boxes shall:

  • Be a solid container with a tight fitting cover;
  • Be filled to a height not exceeding 5 cm below the top of the container;
  • Maintained in good condition and repair with no loose garbage;
  • located as to not interfere with traffic or snow removal;
  • Lids must be securely hinged and not have self locking latch. Support to hold the lid open while being emptied is a must.

Town of Bridgewater & Mahone Bay

Residents who wish to store waste outside their premises can do so in containers that are animal and waterproof and shall:

  • Be water tight metal or plastic can and equipped with a tight fitting cover of metal, plastic or other impermeable material;
  • Be filled to a height not exceeding 5 cm below the top of the container;
  • Be 350 - 380 mm in diameter and 460 - 800 mm in height to a maximum volume of 100 litres;
  • Be maintained in good condition and repair with no loose waste. 


To avoid animals from damaging your collection box or container, it is important to ensure no loose waste is stored inside or around the the vicinity of the container. Please keep free of litter. 



Recyclables must be clean in order for them to be recycled into a new product. Here are some tips to ensure your items are clean so that they can have a second chance of life:

  • Leave dish water in the sink so that it can be used to clean recyclables;
  • Leave hard to clean items, such as peanut butter jars and honey containers in the sink overnight to soak. In the morning they will be ready for a good rinse;
  • Use a bottle brush from the dollar store to help get your recyclables sparkling clean. 


Remember to have your waste separation containers in a convenient location to make separating waste easier. 


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