It can be challenging to find a waste management system that works effectively in apartment buildings. Waste left in dumpsters is anonymous, and can lead to people not taking responsibility for sorting their waste.

When this happens, significantly higher tipping fees can be issued to the landlord for dropping-off unsorted waste, or the waste may be rejected completely and have to be resorted before it can be brought back to the site. When a recycling program works, it can save the landlord significant money in tipping fees by reducing the amount of garbage.

Landlords are responsible for providing necessary facilities, bins, storage and information to tenants.

Tenants are responsible for separating their own waste and ensuring it is disposed of in the correct collection container. This booklet will assist tenants in knowing their responsibility and that of the landlord. 

The Public Outreach team can come in to give a recycling presentation to tenants. Or, when accepting new tenants, request an information packet with a sorting guide and a sample of different types of bags to get the tenant sorting correctly. Call us at (902) 543-2913.

Residential Tenancies Act Landlords may wish to consider waste separation as part of the tenant's responsibility when a new lease is signed or renewed.




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