Solid Waste Collection By-Laws

The Municipality of the District of Lunenburg and the Towns of Bridgewater and Mahone Bay have Solid Waste By-laws which govern the collection of waste within their jurisdictions.

The by-laws define the responsibilities of residents regarding waste management and include rules about the volume of waste that can be set out curbside, proper storage and collection of waste, and proper sorting procedures. Penalties may be applied in cases of improper waste storage and disposal.

To review the by-law for your area, please click on the appropriate link below:

For more information, please call (902) 543-2913.


Clear Bags for Garbage

The Town of Mahone Bay, Town of Bridgewater and Municipality of the District of Lunenburg have adopted colourless, clear bags for the collection of garbage. Clear bags will be used to increase recycling rates and food waste composting rates (organics diversion from landfill). Most households and businesses have been doing a great job recycling and putting their food waste in the green cart for years. Clear bags for garbage collection have been adopted by most other Nova Scotian municipalities as a way to maximize the level of recycling and composting in their area. The use of clear bags also improves the safety of those that collect and inspect the waste. Unsorted or hazardous wastes become visible in clear bags. Residents will still be permitted to use garbage cans and garbage boxes for their waste collection.  

A transition period of several months will be allowed for residents and businesses to purchase clear bags. As of October 1, 2014, garbage must be placed for collection in clear bags in Mahone Bay, Bridgewater and the Municipality of Lunenburg. Households and businesses that fail to use clear bags after this date may be subject to waste rejection.


Privacy Bag

One (1) opaque (non-transparent bag: black, dark green or white colour) privacy bag may be used as a 'privacy bag' for personal items. One privacy bag is permitted per dwelling (household), per collection. Privacy bags may be sized from 66 cm x 91 cm up to a maximum size of 75 cm x 120 cm. Privacy bags must contain garbage only and may be subject to inspection at the curbside or the Community Recycling Centre.

Privacy bags may include bathroom wastes, personal hygiene items and non-hazardous medical wastes, with the exception of bio-medical wastes, needles, lancets, fluid-filled medical tubing and/ or filled colostomy pouches. If additional privacy bags are required for personal hygiene wastes or non-hazardous medical wastes, please call (902) 543-2913. 

Tubing and colostomy bags must be emptied into a toilet before placing in the garbage. Needles and lancets for blood testing must be placed in a sharps bucket only. Sharps buckets are available for free at any pharmacy. Once filled, they may be dropped of for free, for disposal. Unused medications may also be dropped off at any pharmacy for disposal. Do not place in garbage.

Clear Bags for Recyclables

The Town of Mahone Bay has also adopted colourless, clear bags for recyclables. Clear, blue coloured bags will no longer be used as of October 1, 2014 either. Residents and businesses will be given several months to use their supply of blue bags and switch to colourless, clear bags.

The Town of Bridgewater and the Municipality of Lunenburg will continue to use clear blue bags for recyclables, even after October 1, 2014.

Sorting guidelines have not changed - only the bag colour has changed!























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