Need a Green Cart?

Green CartWheeled, green carts are provided for the storage of organic waste between collections, such as food scraps, yard waste and soiled paper. Mini bins, paper bags and clear plastic bags are not acceptable for curbisde collection. A cart MUST be used.

Carts are issued according to municipal area:. 


Municipality of the District of Lunenburg

Please contact GE Environmental, toll free at 1-855-530-3324. Green carts are available in two sizes, 140 litres and 240 litres.

Residents that have long driveways or live on an island, can get a backyard composter instead of a green cart. Residents that live in the area seasonally, live on a private road, have a long driveway or live on an island must separate their organics from garbage and recycle too.

Town of Mahone Bay

Please contact your Town Office for details about how to obtain a green cart by calling 624-8327


Town of Bridgewater

Please contact your Town Office for details about how to obtain a green cart by calling 541-4370.


Mini Bins for Organics Storage in the Kitchen

Many local hardware stores sell mini bins for organics storage in the kitchen. A sealed container of almost any type can also work (ie. bucket, ice cream container). Municipally-issued carts are designed to fit the cart tippers on the Town of Mahone Bay, Bridgewater and Municipality's trucks. Store-purchased carts do not conform to the design standards which the Town or municipality-issued carts do, and therefore may be dangerous to empty as they do not fit snugly on the cart lifters.

Please contact the appropriate number for your area, to ensure you have an acceptable green cart. Read about what goes in your green cart.




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