• Seasonal collection is offered on approved, private roads from Victoria Day until the Friday following Thanksgiving. 
  • Scheduled collection is every two weeks. Waste cannot be placed curbside sooner then 5:00 pm the day before collection and no later than 7:00 am the day of collection.
  • Learn how to sort your waste properly. Ensure recyclables are clean and food wastes are put in your green cart. Need a green cart? Call 1-855-530-3324. 
  • Clear bags are required for garbage collection. One non-transparent (black) garbage bag is permitted per household, per collection; this bag must be properly sorted.   
  • Find your collection day by using the R6Recycles App

If you often miss collection day or will be leaving before the next collection, you may:

  • Ask a neighbor to put your waste out on the appropriate day.
  • Put a garbage box by the road to keep animals away from your waste. Call 1-855-530-3324 for information about where to place the box.

In winter, private roads receiving year round collection must plow snow and sand (if necessary) by 7:00 am on collection day.  Turning areas must be cleared too. If your road cannot be maintained properly, bring your waste to the intersection your road and the nearest public road by 7:00 am on collection day. If residents wish to temporarily suspend collection due to concerns about road damage (ie. during wet spring conditions), call 1-855-530-3324. 

Read the recycling guide, or call us at (902) 543-2991 if you have any questions about what goes where.

Island residents or those with long driveways can get a backyard composter instead of a green cart, call 1-855-530-3324.