Private Road Collection

REMINDER- Municipality of the District of Lunenburg: The first day for waste collection on seasonal private roads will be Monday, May 20, 2019. The last day of collection on seasonal private roads will be Friday, October 18, 2019. 

Residents on private roads have unique needs when it comes to managing waste. Please consider these points when preparing your waste for collection:

  • Collection occurs on seasonally-collected private roads from Victoria Day until the Friday following Thanksgiving.
  • Scheduled collection is every two weeks. Waste cannot be placed curbside sooner then 5:00pm the day before collection and no later then 7:00am the day of collection.
  • Learn how to sort your waste properly. Ensure recyclables are clean and that food wastes are placed in a green cart. If you do not have a green cart, please contact the contracted waste collection hauler, GE's All Trucking, toll free at; 1-855-530-3324. Find out what goes into the green cart, read the Green Cart GuideClear bags are required for garbage collection in the Municipality of Lunenburg. One black, dark green or white garbage bag is permitted per household, per collection, this bag must be properly sorted.
  • Bulky items (furniture, BBQs, mattresses) are collected in spring and fall clean during scehduled times only. Click here to find your clean up dates. Clean up items cannot be placed at the roadside any sooner than 4 days before scheduled clean up.   

If you missed a collection or will be leaving before the next collection, you may:

  • Ask a neighbor to put your waste out on the appropriate day.
  • Use the two bag freeprogram; residents of the Municipality of Lunenburg can drop off two bags of garbage for free, at the Lunenburg Regional Community Recycling Centre. Recyclables, paper and cardboard are FREE.
  • Consider building a garbage box by the road to store waste and to prevent waste bags from being torn open by animals. Call 1-855-530-3324 for information about where to place the box.

Private roads that receive year round waste collection, please note that road associations are responsible for snow removal and sanding along roadways and turning areas. This must be done by 7:00 am on waste collection days. Icy roads must be sanded and maintained to allow the collection truck to pass safely along the road. Turning areas must be cleared as well. If your road cannot be maintained properly, residents are advised to bring their waste to the intersection of their private road and the nearest public road by 7:00 am on scheduled waste collection days. If residents wish to temporarily suspend collection due to concerns about road damage (ie. during wet spring conditions), call 1-855-530-3324. 

Download our recycling guide, or call us at (902) 543-2991 if you have any questions about what goes where.

Residents living on an island or with long driveways may consider backyard composting instead of a green cart. We can help you set your bin up and show you how to maintain it, call (902) 543-2913. Call 1-855-530-3324 to get a backyard composter.


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