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Paper Liners Are the Best Option If You Line Your Green Cart--Try a Leaf & Yard Waste Bag.
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Making the Switch to Paper Leaf & Yard Waste Bags

Paper LY Bag 






Plastic leaf and yard waste bags will no longer be permitted for curbside leaf collection as of Fall 2020.

Heavy kraft paper bags will be the only option for collection. The reason for the elimination of plastic bags is to reduce plastic contamination in the organics waste stream. Leaf and yard waste is processed and mixed with green cart organics to produce compost. Reducing plastic contamination improves the quality of the compost.

Residents will be required to switch to paper leaf and yard waste bags by Fall 2020. This notice will give residents time to use any remaining plastic leaf bags they have and buy paper instead. Clear, colourless plastic bags may be used for garbage and paper collection. Pick up a free paper leaf bag at the Community Recycling Centre. Questions? Call (902) 543-2991.

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