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Public Drop Off Bins

All customers entering the site with waste must cross the weigh scales first.

The scale operator directs customers to a bin or drop off location. Residents and businesses may use them.

Household wastes such as recyclables (blue bags), paper, cardboard, compost and garbage are delivered to one area. The Recycling Guide outlines how to separate these items.

Construction and demolition wastes are delivered to another. Tipping fees are charged according to waste type.

Staff assist customers as they use the bins, answer questions and provide waste sorting brochures. Customers may call (902) 543-2991 with questions before dropping off waste. 

Electronics Depot

Residents and businesses can also drop off electronics  free of charge during regular hours of operation.  Items such as TVs, stereos and computers are accepted as part of the provincial recycling stewardship program.

The New Germany Enviro Center also accepts electronics. The Center is located at 124 Copeland Road, New Germany. Call (902) 644-7551 for hours. 

Mercury Collection Program

Residents and businesses can drop off items which contain mercury for safe disposal. Items include CFLs and fluorescent light tubes, barometers, appliance switches and thermostats. 

Call (902) 543-2991 for more information. 

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