Sorting Signs

The Community Recycling Centre provides signage to assist you in sorting your waste. Whether you are organizing your office or an event, download these today!  These colour coded, labelled, graphic signs make it easy to sort waste quickly and effectively.  They may be printed from this page or you may order more from Divert Nova Scotia.  Post them above your bins at eye level and make it easy for people 'to do the right thing'. TIP: Clustering signed bins for each waste stream together makes it more convenient for sorting. 

Offices typically require a bin for recyclables, paper and garbage in the main work area. An organics mini bin may be placed in a lunch room, for access by all. Additional paper bins may be stationed beside photocopiers. TIPS: Reuse paper for scribbling notes.  Confidential papers may be shredded and placed in a clear bag or shopping bag for collection. Plastic windows and staples do not have to be removed from envelopes and papers before placing them for collection.

The Outreach & Education department can help you develop signs which display specific wastes generated by your business. Call (902) 543-2913 to set up an appointment today.

Summer 2016: Organics Signs and Garbage Signs have changed:

  • Paper coffee cups and paper cold drink cups now go in the garbage.

Please print and post new signs from this page. Print and post new Sorting Guides too.

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Garbage Organics Page 2
Garbage sign – For non-recyclable items



Garbage Organics Page 1

Organics – Place above your mini green bin and empty food waste in your green cart 


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Paper – For all paper, boxboard and envelopes, place in a clear bag or grocery bag
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Paper Towel Only – Great for washrooms.  Place paper towel in the green cart
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Recycle – For all clean recyclables that have no refund, like plastic bags and tins. Place in blue bag
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Refundables – For all clean refundables like pop bottles and cans.  Take these to your local Enviro-Depot for some money!  A lot of businesses donate this money to charities or for a staff party.
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Recycle/Refundables – When you just want to put it all together! Place all of your refundable bottles and cans in with your plastic bags and tins into a blue bag



Divert Nova Scotia Signs

garbage decal organics decal
paper decal recyclables decal


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